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Advanced Training Program in Cross-platform Application Development

Senior Technical Officer in Cross-platform Application Development

  • The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training offers you the best way to guarantee your employability: learning to program.
  • Spain is the 4th country that exports the most digital talent in Europe.
  • Learn about JAVA - JEE/JSP - PHP - Python - C#; HTML - CSS – JS; MySQL - MongoDB - SQL Server - JPA/Hibernate; Android Studio (JAVA) - Unity (C#); Linux - Windows Server.
  • You will be able to program your own videogames; conduct workshops with Arduino kits and many more activities.
  • Practical education with project-based methodology and an Intermodular Project.
  • Take advantage of our agreements with the most representative companies in the sector to carry out internships.
  • You can continue your studies by accessing a Computer Engineering Degree.

Open enrollment:Academic year 2024/25

and 2nd Chance Scholarships:
Compatible with our
Nebrija Study Grants:

Area:IT and Communications

Duration:2000 hours
(2 academic years, including Work Center Training)


Methodology: ◦ Online
◦ Face-to-face (Madrid)


If you want to get a head start in the future... choose to get there faster! Don’t miss this opportunity and request information to study in an Advanced Vocational Training Program in CAD with us.

This Program of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will turn students into professionals who can:

  • Develop, implement, document and maintain cross-platform computer applications, using specific technologies and development environments, guaranteeing secure access to data and meeting the "usability" and quality criteria required by established standards.
  • Carry out their activity in public or private entities of any size, both as an employee and on their own, carrying out their work in the area of developing cross-platform computer applications in various fields: business and business management, customer relations, education, leisure, mobile devices and entertainment, among others; applications developed and implemented in intranet, extranet and Internet environments; implementation and adaptation of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.

Curriculum of the Advanced Training Program in Cross-platform Application Development of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training:

The professional modules of this Advanced Training Program are the following:

First Year

  • 205 h | Databases
  • 90 h   | Development Environments
  • 90 h   | Training and career counseling
  • 140 h | Markup language and information management systems
  • 270 h | Programming
  • 205 h | Information systems

Second Year

  • 120 h | Data access
  • 120 h | Interface development
  • 65 h   | Business and Entrepreneurship
  • 40 h   | Technical English for Advanced Training Program
  • 80 h   | Programming of services and processes
  • 80 h   | Programming of multimedia and mobile devices
  • 95 h   | Business management systems
  • 30 h   | Cross-platform Application Development Project

TOTAL: 2000h


  • Configure and operate computer systems, adapting the logical configuration of the system according to the needs of use and the established criteria.
  • Apply techniques and procedures related to security in systems, services and applications, complying with the security plan.
  • Manage databases, interpreting their logical design and verifying data integrity, consistency, security and accessibility.
  • Manage development environments, adapting their configuration in each case to allow the development and deployment of applications.
  • Develop cross-platform applications with access to databases using languages, libraries and tools adapted to the specifications.
  • Develop applications by implementing a complete system of forms and reports that allow comprehensive management of stored information.
  • Integrate graphic content and multimedia components in cross-platform applications, using specific tools and meeting the established requirements.
  • Develop interactive graphical user interfaces with adequate usability, using standard visual components or implementing specific visual components.
  • Participate in the development of games and applications in the field of entertainment and education using specific techniques, engines and development environments.
  • Develop applications for phones, PDAs and other mobile devices using specific development techniques and environments.
  • Create general and context-sensitive help components, using specific tools and integrating them into their corresponding applications.
  • Create tutorials, user, installation, configuration and administration manuals using specific tools.
  • Package applications for distribution by preparing self-installing packages with built-in wizards.
  • Develop multitasking and multithreaded applications using libraries and specific programming techniques.
  • Develop applications capable of offering network services using communication mechanisms.
  • Participate in the implementation of ERP-CRM systems evaluating the usefulness of each of its modules.
  • Manage the information stored in ERP-CRM systems, guaranteeing its integrity.
  • Develop customized components for an ERP-CRM system according to the requirements.
  • Carry out test plans verifying the operation of the developed software components, according to the specifications.
  • Deploy and distribute applications in different areas of implementation, verifying their behavior and making the necessary modifications.

Career Opportunities

Work as:

The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following:

  • Develop computer applications for business and business management.
  • Develop general-purpose applications.
  • Develop applications in the field of entertainment and mobile IT.

Continue studying:

  • VT Master’s Degrees:
  • Advanced Training Programs:
    • Direct access to 2nd year of the Advanced Training Program in Web Application Development. (Ask us about the Dual Advanced Training Program in Web Application Development + Cross-platform Application Development)
    • Direct access to study any other Advanced Training Program under the established admission conditions. (Ask us about the possible validations of modules).
  • University Bachelor’s Degrees:
    • Direct access to studies leading to university Bachelor's degrees, including those of Nebrija University, under the established admission conditions.
    • o Recognition of credits with the university Bachelor's degrees according to government regulations.
    University Bachelor’s Degree Recognized*
    Computer Science Engineering 42 ECTS
    Audiovisual Communication 36 ECTS
    *These recognitions may be modified when a new curriculum is presented.